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Released I D  Set  Item# Type
2011-05-04 AD Advance of the Dead Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2012-06-20 AC‑AD Age of Chaos: Army of Darkness Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2012-06-06 AC‑DS Age of Chaos: Dwarf and Soulborgs Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2012-06-13 AC‑VV Age of Chaos: Valkrill's Vengeance Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2012-06-27 AC‑HP Age of Chaos: Heroes of Paizum Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2018-12-29 AB Ankle Bite Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2008-06 AA‑HQ Aquilla's Alliance: Heroes of the Quagmire 44716 Large Expansion: Heroes
2013-08-07 AQ‑HP Aquilla's Answer: Heroes of Darkspire Pass Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2013-07-31 AQ‑SC Aquilla's Answer: Spears and Claws Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2013-07-24 AQ‑BF Aquilla's Answer: Blades and Fangs Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2013-07-17 AQ‑BW Aquilla's Answer: Brothers at War Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2020-04-08 AF Awakened Forest Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V / Special Release)
2019-10-29 BH Battle Hardened Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2010-01 BU Battle for the Underdark 25359 Master
2021-07-27 BR Birds of a Feather Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2009-07 BS‑BB Blackmoon's Siege: Braves and Brawlers 24005 Small Expansion
2009-07 BS‑DR Blackmoon's Siege: Dwarves and Repulsors 24006 Small Expansion
2009-07 BS‑DD Blackmoon's Siege: Dividers and Defenders 24007 Small Expansion
2009-07 BS‑HM Blackmoon's Siege: Heroes of the Moon 24008 Small Expansion
2018-12-29 BF Brutal Finish Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2010-03 FR‑WF Champions of Forgotten Realms: Warriors of the Ghostlight Fen 25520 Small Expansion
2010-03 FR‑FP Champions of Forgotten Realms: Fury of the Primordials 25521 Small Expansion
2010-03 FR‑GR Champions of Forgotten Realms: Glaun Bog Raiders 25522 Small Expansion
2010-03 FR‑HF Champions of Forgotten Realms: Heroes of Faerun 25523 Small Expansion
2006-10 CV‑UF Crest of the Valkyrie: Utgar's Flag Bearer 53858 Flag Bearer Expansion (Toys-R-Us)
2006-10 CV‑JF Crest of the Valkyrie: Jandar's Flag Bearer 53864 Flag Bearer Expansion (Toys-R-Us)
2006-10 CV‑EF Crest of the Valkyrie: Einar's Flag Bearer 53865 Flag Bearer Expansion (Toys-R-Us)
2006-10 CV‑VF Crest of the Valkyrie: Vydar's Flag Bearer 53866 Flag Bearer Expansion (Toys-R-Us)
2006-10 CV‑LF Crest of the Valkyrie: Ullar's Flag Bearer 53867 Flag Bearer Expansion (Toys-R-Us)
2018-10-17 CR‑VF Crest of the Valkyrie: Valkrill's Flag Bearer Flag Bearer Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2015-05-13 CC‑HL Crevcor's Commission: Heroes of the Dark Lakes Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2015-05-06 CC‑WF Crevcor's Commission: Warriors of Elswind Forest Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2015-04-28 CC‑HD Crevcor's Commission: Hunters and Drones Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2015-05-21 CC‑GP Crevcor's Commission: Goliaths of the Plains Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2017-10-03 CN Crimson Reign Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2018-01-03 CS‑HA Curse of Stormtorn Peak: Heroes of a Bygone Age Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2018-12-19 CS‑HV Curse of Stormtorn Peak: Heroes of the Moonlight Vale Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2019-02-13 CS‑SS Curse of Stormtorn Peak: Spirits and Scalawags Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2019-09-11 CS‑BB Curse of Stormtorn Peak: Boars and Bluecoats Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2006-12 DD‑SO Dawn of Darkness: Shades and Orcs 53929 Small Expansion
2006-12 DD‑AK Dawn of Darkness: Archers and Kyries 53930 Small Expansion
2006-12 DD‑ZM Dawn of Darkness: Zombies 53931 Small Expansion
2006-12 DD‑HD Dawn of Darkness: Heroes of Durgeth 53932 Small Expansion
2016-01-08 DF Deadly Facade Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2016-12-24 DB Death From Below Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2008-06 DK‑SW Defenders of Kinsland: Soldiers and Wolves 62031 Small Expansion
2008-06 DK‑MC Defenders of Kinsland: Marro Cavalry 62032 Small Expansion
2008-06 DK‑EL Defenders of Kinsland: Elves 62033 Small Expansion
2008-06 DK‑HS Defenders of Kinsland: Heroes of the Molten Sea 62034 Small Expansion
2012-11-10 DW Dweller in Darkness Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2007-07 FV‑SR Fields of Valor: Spearmen and Riflemen 62027 Small Expansion
2007-07 FV‑KT Fields of Valor: Knights Templar 62028 Small Expansion
2007-07 FV‑FV Fields of Valor: Fiends and Vampires 62029 Small Expansion
2007-07 FV‑HE Fields of Valor: Heroes of Elswin 62030 Small Expansion
2010-11 VL Forever Valiant Promotion ( - unreleased)
2006-08 FA Fortress of the Archkyrie 44178 Large Expansion: Terrain
2019-04-03 GS Gruesome Savagery Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2020-11-28 HG Harbingers of the Grave Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2023-10-18 HN Hurricane Nora Promotion (Valhalla Customs: C3V / NHSD)
2005-09 JO‑GH Jandar's Oath: Gorillas and Hounds 42764 Small Expansion
2005-09 JO‑KC Jandar's Oath: Kilts and Commandos 42765 Small Expansion
2005-09 JO‑MG Jandar's Oath: Monks and Guards 42766 Small Expansion
2005-09 JO‑HN Jandar's Oath: Heroes of Nastralund 42767 Small Expansion
2017-10-03 KA Kon-Tar-Na's Ambush Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2022-06-30 LV Lead Vengeance Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2021-07-27 LR Leading the Resistance Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2020-01-17 LG Living Glass Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2014-07-29 LD‑HC Lodin's Discord: Heroes of the Lost Citadel Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2014-07-22 LD‑ER Lodin's Discord: Evil of Blood River Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2014-07-16 LD‑SH Lodin's Discord: Sentinels of the Dark Hills Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2014-07-09 LD‑EW Lodin's Discord: Eternal Warriors Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2020-08-13 LS Looming Shadows Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2022-11-29 MT M.A.R.S. Attacks Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2020-10-17 MU Mad Dog Unleashed Promotion (Valhalla Customs: C3V / NHSD)
2004-12 MP‑GO Malliddon's Prophecy: Grut Orcs 42012 Small Expansion
2004-12 MP‑RL Malliddon's Prophecy: The IX Roman Legion 42014 Small Expansion
2004-12 MP‑SV Malliddon's Prophecy: Snipers and Vipers 42013 Small Expansion
2004-12 MP‑HB Malliddon's Prophecy: Heroes of Bleakwoode 42015 Small Expansion
2011-12-21 MS March of the Soulborgs Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2014-07-01 MR Mariedian Retaliation Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2013-05-24 MH Master of Shadows Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2014-12-02 MM Minotaur of the Maze Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2010-11 MI‑BO Moltenclaw's Invasion: Bugbears and Orcs 28356 Small Expansion
2010-11 MI‑VL Moltenclaw's Invasion: Valkrill's Legion 28357 Small Expansion
2010-11 MI‑IS Moltenclaw's Invasion: Icewind Scourge 28358 Small Expansion
2010-11 MI‑HF Moltenclaw's Invasion: Heroes of Fallcrest 28359 Small Expansion
2019-10-23 NV‑HJ Navess's Repentance: Heroes of Jutanguard Large Expansion: Heroes (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2005-08 NR Nerak's Return Promotion (Gen-Con / Toys-R-Us)
2022-02-07 OF Olog's Fury Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2016-09-28 OO‑HS Oreld's Orders: Hunters and Scouts Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2017-01-11 OO‑OA Oreld's Orders: Orcs and Animata Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2017-06-07 OO‑HC Oreld's Orders: Heroes of Crumland Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2017-10-11 OO‑WG Oreld's Orders: Warriors of the Glade Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2005-07 OR‑HL Orm's Return: Heroes of Laur 42654 Large Expansion: Heroes
2018-10-04 QS Quick Strike Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2016-12-24 RR Rabble Rouser Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2006-05 RK‑HL Raknar's Vision: Heroes of Lindesfarme 44184 Large Expansion: Heroes
2012-11-10 RA Raptorian Assault Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2015-02-16 RT Red Tide Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2004-08 RV Rise of the Valkyrie 41712 Master
2005-11 VV Rise of the Valkyrie: Viper's Vengeance 44089 Master (Wal-Mart)
2005-07 RF Road to the Forgotten Forest 42655 Large Expansion: Terrain
2010-01 RU Road to the Underdark Online Scenario ( - unreleased glyph)
2017-10-03 RJ Ruthless Judgement Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2013-04-21 SE Scorched Earth Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2020-04-29 SA‑DT Scourge of Apollyon: Defenders of Atal Temple Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2020-05-20 SA‑HI Scourge of Apollyon: Heroes of Crooked Isle Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2020-06-10 SA‑BS Scourge of Apollyon: Blood and Smoke Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2020-10-07 SA‑HR Scourge of Apollyon: Heroes of Dark Ridge Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2019-10-29 SV Seething Venom Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2006-08 HA Sir Hawthorne's Arrival Promotion (Gen-Con)
2008-08 SR Skahen's Rescue Promotion (Gen-Con / / NHSD)
2007-08 SM Swarm of the Marro 41720 Master
2021-07-27 SC Swaysil's Charge Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2012-05-11 TF Taste of Freedom Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2006-05 TT Thaelenk Tundra 44185 Large Expansion: Terrain
2014-11-05 BP The Blademaster Prince Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2007-07 CB The Conflict Begins 53881 Master
2007-07 MA The Master's Arrival Promotion (Comic-Con / Gen-Con /
2022-06-30 SF The Sheriff Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2006-08 TV‑SB Thora's Vengeance: Soulborgs 52077 Small Expansion
2006-08 TV‑GA Thora's Vengeance: Gladiators and Agents 52078 Small Expansion
2006-08 TV‑WS Thora's Vengeance: Warriors and Soulborgs 52079 Small Expansion
2006-08 TV‑NS Thora's Vengeance: Ninjas and Samurai 52088 Small Expansion
2011-09-01 TR‑HV Thormun's Reprieve: Heroes of Vasel's Vigil Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2011-09-01 TR‑VD Thormun's Reprieve: Veterans of Disaster Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2011-09-01 TR‑SW Thormun's Reprieve: Soldiers and She-Wolves Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2011-09-01 TR‑PU Thormun's Reprieve: Parasites and the Undead Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2008-06 TJ Ticalla Jungle 44724 Large Expansion: Terrain
2012-11-14 TA‑HB Tyr's Advance: Heroes of Braunglayde Large Expansion: Heroes (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2012-01-23 TH Tyrian's Heroics Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2005-06 UR‑DM Utgar's Rage: Drones and Minions 42636 Small Expansion
2005-06 UR‑KR Utgar's Rage: Knights and the Swog Rider 42637 Small Expansion
2005-06 UR‑MW Utgar's Rage: Minute Men and Wolves 42638 Small Expansion
2005-06 UR‑HB Utgar's Rage: Heroes of Barrenspur 42639 Small Expansion
2009-11 VG‑WF Valkrill's Gambit: Warriors of Feldspar 25162 Small Expansion
2009-11 VG‑SB Valkrill's Gambit: Soulborgs Small Expansion
2009-11 VG‑WS Valkrill's Gambit: Warriors and Soulborgs Small Expansion
2009-11 VG‑CR Valkrill's Gambit: Champions of Renown 25163 Small Expansion
2005-08 VW Volcarren Wasteland 42793 Large Expansion: Terrain (Toys-R-Us)
2013-04-10 VB‑HM Vydar's Betrayal: Heroes of Kaarn Mountain Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2013-03-20 VB‑PF Vydar's Betrayal: Pikes and Fey Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2013-04-03 VB‑AF Vydar's Betrayal: Agents and Fanatics Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2013-03-27 VB‑BB Vydar's Betrayal: Barbarians and Bones Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2013-02-17 VC Vydar's Champions Inductee (Valhalla Customs: SoV)
2013-10-23 WW Warlord's Wrath Promotion (Valhalla Customs: C3V / NHSD)
2010-08 WE‑GW Warriors of Eberron: Golem and Wyrmlings 20781 Small Expansion
2010-08 WE‑VW Warriors of Eberron: Veterans of the Last War 20782 Small Expansion
2010-08 WE‑OG Warriors of Eberron: Ogre and Goblins 20784 Small Expansion
2010-08 WE‑HK Warriors of Eberron: Heroes of Khorvaire 20783 Small Expansion
2021-05-26 YV‑SB Yngvild's Vision: Slashers and Bashers Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2021-10-27 YV‑HG Yngvild's Vision: Heroes of Delford's Glade Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2022-01-05 YV‑WH Yngvild's Vision: Workers and Hunter Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2023-01-18 YV‑HO Yngvild's Vision: Heroes of the Outlands Small Expansion (Valhalla Customs: C3V)
2006-02 ZD‑SE Zanafor's Discovery: Soulborgs and Elves 44133 Small Expansion
2006-02 ZD‑LS Zanafor's Discovery: Lawmen and Samurai 44134 Small Expansion
2006-02 ZD‑GV Zanafor's Discovery: Greeks and Vipers 44135 Small Expansion
2006-02 ZD‑HT Zanafor's Discovery: Heroes of Trollsford 44136 Small Expansion
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