Durgeth Swamps

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie

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In the depths of the Region of Lindsfarme lived a savage tribe known as the Durgeth. They held to the swamps, using the shifting waters to their advantage. At the start of the war, the Durgeth were destroyed, as their swamps are close to a wellspring ... but it is said that some still lurk, preying on travelers.

Created by Hasbro on 2004-08

The Search for Comfrey Plants

3 2 1 1 2 3

Basic Game for 2 Players

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie

Goal: Be the first player to find 2 comfrey plants.

Setup: The 2 glyphs of Brandar and the glyph of Kelda will represent hidden comfrey plants. Turn all glyphs symbol-side up, shuffle them, then place them on the spaces marked with a ?. Place figures as marked with the following numbers.

Good Player: White
1: Thorgrim the Viking Champion
2: Sgt. Drake Alexander
3: Syvarris

Evil Player: Black
1: Ne-Gok-Sa
2: Deathwalker 9000
3: Agent Carr

Special Rules: When one of your figures lands on a glyph, stop there and turn it over. If it is not a comfrey plant (glyph of Brandar or Kelda), then remove it from the battlefield. If it is a comfrey plant, then keep it power-side up in front of you.

Victory: The first player to collect 2 of the 3 comfrey plants wins. Or, if the other player has no figures left on the battlefield, you win.

When the Durgeth were overrun, their secret to long life was uncovered - the unique minerals in the swamp cause the comfrey plants' leaves to secrete a potent medicine. The last battle between Jandar and Utgar left their squads gravely wounded. Both Valkyrie Generals have ordered their Heroes to gather as many comfrey plants as they can, before the enemy takes them all.

Created by Hasbro on 2004-08

Under Tempest's Cover

Master Game for 2 Players

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie

Player 1's Goal: By the end of round 12, your secret hero scout must make it through Durgeth Swamps to the Valkyrie's transfer post.

Player 2's Goal: By the end of round 12, you must prevent player 1's secret hero scout from reaching the Valkyrie's transfer post.

Setup: Place the glyph of Gerda power-side up where shown. Place a glyph of Brandar power-side up where shown, to represent the Valkyrie's transfer post. Both players draft or bring pre-made 400-point armies. Player 1 takes one glyph (including the glyph of Kelda) for each of his unique hero army cards, and secretly places one glyph symbol-side up on each of those cards. The glyph of Kelda represents the secret scout. Player 1 starts in the olive starting zone. Player 2 starts in the purple starting zone.

Special Rules: There is a storm raging in the swamps, so there can be no flying or parachuting. Army cards with "The Drop" special power ignore that power and are placed just like other figures. For round 1, player 2 adds 12 to his initial roll. When a unique hero controlled by player 1 is destroyed (or taken control of by player 2), turn over the glyph on that army card.

Victory: If player 1 moves a unique hero onto the Valkyrie's transfer post, and it is the scout (with the glyph of Kelda), then player 1 turns over that glyph and wins. If player 2 destroys the scout, then player 2 wins. If player 1 does not get the scout to the transfer post by the end of round 12, then player 2 wins, even if player 2 has no figures left on the battlefield.

The swamps are treacherous under normal conditions. But the rain and winds are relentless. A Valkyrie General has been hunting this quarry for days, driving his enemy into the depths of this miserable bog. He must stop the enemy scout - before he (or she?) gets the information back to the Valkyrie's transfer post on time. But who is the scout?

Created by Hasbro on 2004-08

Deadly Waters

Main Olive Starting Zone

Master Game for 3 Players

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie, Malliddon's Prophecy

Goal: Player 1 must prevent the other armies from stealing the divining rod. Players 2 and 3 must find the divining rod and carry it back to their own starting zone.

Setup: Take out all 14 glyphs and discard 1 of the 2 glyphs of Brandar. Place the power-side up glyphs as shown above. Shuffle the other 10 glyphs and place them symbol-side up in a group next to the battlefield. The glyph of Brandar will act as the divining rod.

Player 1 starts with Venoc Warlord, the Venoc Vipers, Kelda the Kyrie Warrior, the Omnicron Snipers, and Raelin the Kyrie Warrior.
Player 2 starts with the Arrow Gruts, the Blade Gruts, Tornak and an additional 190 points.
Player 3 starts with the Roman Archers, the Roman Legionnaires, Marcus Decimus Gallus, and an additional 170 points.

Player 1 places his/her army first anywhere in the 2 olive starting zones. Next, players 2 and 3 place their figures on their starting zones (purple or teal), then draft and place as normal.

Special Rules: Any figure ending his/her move in a water space (including figures that stay on the same water space after an order was given to them) must first roll a 20-sided die for wounds from the swamp monster before attacking or searching. If you roll a 1, take 2 wounds of damage. If you roll a 2-10, take 1 wound of damage.

The divining rod may only be found in unsearched water spaces. The searching figure must occupy the space geing searched. To search, choose 1 glyph from the group of glyphs on the side of the battlefield and turn it over. If it is not the glyph of Brandar, place the glyph symbol-side up on the same water space under your figure as a marker. This water space may not be searched again and this marker offers no power as a glyph. If it is the glyph of Brandar, you have found the divining rod and may carry it by placing it under your figure. The glyph of Brandar travels with the figure wherever it goes.

If a figure is destroyed while carrying the glyph of Brandar, the glyph remains on that space until another figure picks it up. If you end your move on the glyph, you may pick it up. A figure may drop the glyph anytime during its move.

A double-space figure may search only one of the water spaces occupied on a turn. A double-space figure may stay and search the other open water space that it occupies on its next turn, and must roll for the swamp monster again.

Figures may either search or attack in water spaces, not both. If Marro Warriors clone in the water, they must roll for the swamp monster for each clone.

Players 2 and 3 must honor a temporary truce at least until one search is completed (1 glyph is overturned). Afterwards, the truce may be broken without warning. Players 2 and 3 are considered friendly until the truce is broken.

At the beginning of round 3, player 1 receives reinforcements of 180 points. At the end of round 6, player 1 receives reforcements of 110 points. All reinforcements must enter on the main olive starting zone except for those that drop to enter (like Airborne Elite).

Victory: If player 2 or 3 brings the divining rod back to their own start zone, they win! At the end of round 12, if player 2 or 3 has not secured the divining rod in their start zone, player 1 wins the game.

A powerful Divining Rod that can locate all of the wellsprings in Valhalla was thrown into the waters, to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. It is protected by an army that keeps a vigilant watch, and by a mysterious swamp monster that can easily devour a dragon. Many armies have come seeking the Divining Rod, but none have ever returned. Now the Roman Army and the Orcs, once bitter emenies, join forces under a temporary truce to find the Divining Rod.

Created by Hasbro on 2005-12

The Standoff at Durgeth Swamps

Neutral Zone Spaces

Master Game for 2 or 3 Players

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie

Goal: Be the last army standing.

Setup: The glyph of Erland is placed as shown. Each player drafts or brings pre-made 400-point armies and must have at least 1 unique hero. Each player must place only 1 unique hero in the neutral zone before all other troops are placed. Heroes in the neutral zone may be placed next to each other, but cannot attack.

Player 1 starts in the olive starting zone. Player 2 starts in the purple starting zone. If there are 3 players, player 3 starts in the teal starting zone.

Special Rules: At the start of the game, a truce exists between all players. This means their armies are all considered friendly and may move through, and adjacent to, other opponent's figures. Until the truce is broken, 1) No attacks are allowed between any players; 2) No figures may enter or exit the neutral zone.

Movement through water spaces is treated the same as grass space (due to shallow water). No stopping is required when entering or exiting, and movement can be more than 1 space per turn. Water is still 1 height below the adjacent shore.

From the 2nd round on, each player, before his/her turn, rolls the 20-sided die once to break the truce. If a player rolls 17-20, the truce is broken and all players may now engage and attack each other. The first player to break the truce also places the glyph of Astrid (attack +1) on any space in the neutral zone, including under his/her own Hero. All figures adjacent to enemy figures when the truce is broken, are now considered engaged in battle.

Victory: Destroy all of your opponents. At the end of round 12, a fierce and sudden wind storm passes through. All armies break off engagements to seek shelter. The player with the most points on the battlefield wins.

Powerful armies have agreed to meet under an uneasy truce to decide how to divide the Durgeth Swamp territories. A long drought has dried up the swamp, and the once-deep river is just a shallow trickling brook. Water is now more valuable than treasures from past victories.

The mood of the armies on all sides is distrusting and short-tempered. One Hero from each army must meet in the Neutral Zone while supporting armies, watching from a distance, start to creep up and take strategic positions in anticipation of a breakdown in the truce.

Created by Hasbro on 2005-12

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