Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie (2) , Road to the Forgotten Forest (2) , Volcarren Wasteland (2) , Utgar's Rage (1.75) , Jandar's Oath (1.5)

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It took Kyrie workers 10 days to build a stone bridge across the river Glasq in Brusymlund. The morning after its construction was finished a second bridge above it, and connected to it, mysteriously appeared. Local inhabitants of Brusymlund claim it was built by the gods and gave the bridge a name -- Asbru, The Bridge of the Immortals. The first bridge was then also named Midbru, The Bridge of Mortals.

The great prophet Malliddon foresaw the collapse of both bridges 1000 years into the future. He spoke of a slow and steady eruption of fire and molten rock that will topple Asbru down onto Midbru 10 days after it begins. After the collapse, the eruption will continue and spread for another 1000 years until all of Valhalla is consumed by fire.

Created by GaryLASQ on 2005-11-07

Race for Immortality

Glyphs Under Asbru X

Master Game for 2 Players or 4 Players on 2 Teams

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie (2) , Road to the Forgotten Forest (2) , Volcarren Wasteland (2) , Utgar's Rage (1.75) , Jandar's Oath (1.5)

Goal: Achieve immortality by being the first player to carry your gift to the center of Asbru, the bridge of the Immortals

Setup: The glyphs of Brandar represent gifts for the Immortals. For a 4 player game, place all 4 gifts where shown. For a 2 player game, place 2 gifts, one on each edge of the battlefield (furthest from the big trees). Take the glyphs of Astrid, Dagmar, Gerda and Ivor, turn them symbol-side up, shuffle them, and place them on the spaces marked with a ?.

Each player drafts or brings pre-made 500-point armies. Each player must take ownership of a single gift, in his or her starting zone, by placing a figure on it.

2 Players: One player places figures in any of the olive starting zones, the other in the purple starting zones.

4 Players on 2 Teams: Two players place figures anywhere in the olive starting zones and are a team. The other two players do the same in the purple starting zones and are the opposing team.

Figures on the same team are friendly and can pass through each other. However, they may attack each other. If one attacks another adjacent one, these two friendly figures become engaged until one is destroyed or one disengages from the other.

Reinforcements for a 2 Player Game (optional): At the end of round 5, if each player still has at least one figure on the battlefield, each player places an additional 500-point army (drafted or pre-made) in the appropriate starting zones.

Special Rules: Carrying a gift is a heavy burden. Any figure that carries it is restricted to a movement of 4 regardless of the move value on its army card. Multiple movements (like Berserker Charge or Frenzy) are allowed. Movement enhancements from other figures, glyphs or terrain are also allowed. This figure cannot make a movement that ignores elevation, like Flying or Leaping. However, Sgt. Drake Alexander can still use his Grapple Gun. While this figure is not taking a turn, nothing else is allowed to move it, like being Summoned or Carried.

To carry a gift, a player simply moves it with the carrying figure as it moves, placing the figure on top of it when the movement ends.

To let go of a gift, the carrying figure may step off at any time during its movement. Once it steps off, restrictions are lifted and it may complete its full movement. Stepping off can be done at the start of a movement that ignores elevation.

To pick up a gift, a player moves a figure onto the gift he or she owns. Once the figure steps on the gift it must stop movement. A figure with the Drop special power may land directly onto a gift.

To step over a gift, a player may move a figure over any gift without stopping. Players may not pick up a gift owned by another player.

A figure that stops under a bridge must fit properly. However, a figure that does not fit under a bridge (while stopped under it) is allowed to pass (or duck) under it if the figure has a height of 8 or less. Krug is allowed on a bridge even though he doesn't quite fit properly between a bridge's stone walls.

Victory: The first player who successfully carries his or her gift to the center space on the upper bridge (white space marker with an "X") is the winner and achieves immortality.

No Victory: For either a 2 or 4 player game, if there is only one player left with figures on the battlefield before anyone has carried their gift to the center of the upper bridge, the game is over and there is no winner.

Team Victory for a 4 Player Game (optional): When a player achieves victory, the gift and all figures owned by this player are removed from the battlefield. Place the glyph of Valda under any figure owned by the other player on the same team (if this player is still in the game). Remove the gifts owned by the remaining players on the opposing team. Play continues until the other team player carries his or her gift to the center of the upper bridge, who then also achieves immortality and a team victory. If this player or the opposing team has no figures left on the battlefield, the game is over and there is no team victory.

Round Limit (optional): If nobody is victorious by the end of round 10 and at least 2 players remain, the game is over and the player with the most points on the battlefield wins.

It has been 1000 years since the construction of Asbru and Midbru and the prophesied eruption has begun. The Kyries believe the discovery of the wellsprings has angered the gods and is the reason for the eruption.

The energy source of the wellsprings is now known to be large, symmetrical and unbreakable crystals of unknown origins; one at the bottom of each wellspring. So far, four of them have been extracted from the "Forsaken Waters", two by Jandar's army and two by Utgar's army.

The Kyries also believe that if at least one of these powerful crystals is brought to Asbru and offered as a gift to the Immortals, they will be appeased, the eruption will cease, Valhalla will be saved, and the presenter of the gift will achieve immortality. If only Jandar and Utgar would declare peace, the gifts could easily be delivered by scouts in as little as 2 days. But sadly, each General wants to be the first one to present his gift and achieve immortality. So the race is on with only 10 days to fight to the top.

Created by GaryLASQ on 2005-11-07

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