Ancient Sanctum Room 2

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark

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The room has no naturally occurring light. It is a complete mystery.

Created by Hasbro on 2010-01

Ancient Sanctum Room 2: Drow Ambush

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Master Game for 2 Players

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark

Goal: Destroy all of your opponent's figures.

Setup: Place figures and Treasure Glyphs where shown. Brandar's Chest is placed power-side up. Darrak Ambershard is part of Player 1's army, but he does not start on the battlefield.

Campaign Setup: If you just played Ancient Sanctum Room 1: The Lair and you are continuing the campaign, place only Player 1's Hero figures that survived Room 1. Any wound markers on the surviving Heroes' Army Cards are removed.

Player 1: White
1: Tandros Kreel
2: Ana Karithon
3: Erevan Sunshadow
4: Darrak Ambershard (Erevan does not start on the battlefield.)

Player 2: Black
1: Deepwyrm Drow
2: Feral Troll

Special Rules:

Light Source: The room is pitch black. In this scenario the Brandar's Chest Treasure Glyph represents a glowing stone that can be picked up just like a normal Treasure Glyph. It starts the game power-side up, so there is no trap to roll for when picking up the stone. Player 2's Heroes cannot pick up Brandar's Chest. Every figure that is not within 4 spaces of the stone (or the figure carrying it) has no visible Hit Zone. At the end of each round, any figure in Player 1's army that is not within 4 spaces of the stone (or the figure carrying it) is attacked by an unknown creature skulking in the dark. Roll 1 attack die against each figure in Player 1's Army that is outside the reach of the stone's light. If the result is a skull, that figure takes 1 wound.

Darrak: Before placing order markers at the beginning of Round 4, Player 1 places Darrak Ambershard on any unoccupied shadow space (he used the distraction of the battle to escape).

Treasure Glyph Trap: If you roll a 1-5, the figure attempting to pick up the Treasure Glyph receives 1 wound, and the Treasure Glyph stays symbol-side up. If you roll a 6 or higher, reveal the Treasure Glyph and place it on the corresponding Army Card for the figure that attempted to pick it up.

Victory: Be the last player with at least one figure on the battlefield to win.

Campaign Continues: If at least one of Player 1's Heroes survived the battle, you may continue the campaign by playing Ancient Sanctum Room 3: The Portal.

The troll lurches forward. It groans and then collapses to the ground with a booming thud.

As you wipe away the sweat on your brow, you hear a voice in the distance. You move toward the voice, and as you do, it grows clearer. "Hey! You let me out of this blasted thing! By Avandra, I will gut you creepy freaks when I get out of here. Are you listening to me? You will all taste the sting of my blade before this day is through!"

The voice is that of Darrak Ambershard, a dwarf rogue and the fourth member of your party. You move through the cavern, following the sound of Darrak's angry ranting.

As you move forward, the light behind you begins to fade away. Soon you find yourself in total darkness. You reach out your hand to feel your way along, but as soon as your fingertips touch the wall you recoil as dozens of small spiders crawl up your arm. Repulsed, you frantically swat at the crawling sensations.

Just as you feel like you've rid yourself of most of the spiders, you see a purple glow emanating from a small stone. The unnatural light outlines the shadow of a figure in the dark. At the edge of the ring of light you see the unmistakable dark skin and white hair of a drow. It begins to back out of the light, and you can hear movement in the darkness, but you cannot see to attack. You must get to the stone and use its light to your best advantage.

Created by Hasbro on 2010-01

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