Aveniul's Threshold

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie, Swarm of the Marro, Ticalla Jungle (2)

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This stretch of Jungle holds an ancient secret. Multiple signs of a lost and overgrown civilization are visible to a sharp observer, but the most obvious landmarks are the five stone pillars that jut up out of the ground. The pillars are marked all along their surface with a strange text.

Created by Hasbro on 2011-02

Song of the Pillars

Master Game for 2 or 3 Players

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie, Swarm of the Marro, Ticalla Jungle (2)

Goal: Control both Glyphs of Brandar before the end of Round 10, or destroy all your opponent’s figures.

Setup: Place the following 5 Glyphs randomly symbol-side up where shown: Glyph of Valda, Glyph of Oreld, Glyph of Mitonsoul, and two Glyphs of Brandar.

Army Placement: Each player brings a 500 point army. Roll the 20-sided die to see which player places first. Placement then proceeds clockwise around the table. You can place 1 Army Card worth of figures at a time. You can only place figures onto spaces on levels 0 (water & swamp water), 1, and 2.

You may place figures you control adjacent to each other, but you cannot place any figures adjacent to your opponent’s figures.

If a figure cannot be placed on the battlefield without violating those rules, it is destroyed.

Special Rules: The Glyphs of Brandar are the matching pillars. you must control both pillars to win. To control a pillar, you must have an unengaged figure on it at the end of a round.

Victory: A player wins if he has control of both pillars (Glyphs of Brandar) at the end of a round. If a player has not gained control of both Glyphs of Brandar by the end of round 10, the player with the most points on the battlefield wins (see Scoring in the Master Game Guide).

A deep thrumming pulses through the warriors’ bodies. The thrumming transforms from a wavering noise into a strange language. None here know the language, and yet all grasp its meaning. A clear picture forms in the warriors’ minds. An entrance to a wellspring is near, and the wellspring wants to be found. Five ancient pillars jut up out of the ground and the thrumming voice impresses upon the gathered warriors the importance of two of the pillars. An ancient spell must be completed by reading aloud the glyphs on two matching Pillars. But which pillars hold the key?

Fate has conspired to bring warriors from multiple armies to battle at this place and at this time. Control of a wellspring hangs in the balance, and there is no more important goal in the battle for Valhalla. If one of the armies can gain simultaneous control over the two pillars, the spell will transport that army to the wellspring’s hidden location. The pillars will then crumble to dust, never to reveal their secret again.

Created by Hasbro on 2011-02

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