Road to the Underdark

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie, Battle for the Underdark, Road to the Forgotten Forest

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A long abandoned pathway twists its way through Elswind Forest. At the end of the pathway, in the shadows of an ancient stone structure, lies the entrance to the Underdark. It is a jagged tear in the landscape from which an unnatural darkness emanates. The place has come to be known as Blackscar.

Created by Hasbro on 2010-01

The Guardian of Blackscar

2 1 3 4

Master Game for 2 Players

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie, Battle for the Underdark, Road to the Forgotten Forest, Raknar's Vision

Goal: Player 1’s Goal is to defeat Jotun. Player 2’s goal is to destroy Player 1’s figures, or keep Jotun alive through Round 6.

Setup: Player 1 places figures where shown. Player 2 places Jotun onto any of the 3 sets of Purple Starting Spaces.

Player 1:
1: Ana Karithon
2: Tandros Kreel
3: Erevan Sunshadow
4: Darrak Ambershard

Special Rules: None

Victory: Player 1 immediately wins by defeating Jotun. Player 2 wins if Jotun is alive by the end of Round 6, or all of Player 1’s figures are defeated.

Read aloud if Player 1 wins: Tandros let the giant’s eyelid shut with a satisfying wet slap. “Yep, he’s out,” he said.

Ana cast a pained look at Jotun’s sleeping face. “It’s fortunate you didn’t destroy this one, his kind are usually docile.”

“Not a thing! said Darrak as he pulled an enormous kerchief from the giant’s pocket and squinted disgustedly as he examined the map-like stains on it at arm’s length. “This foulness is not a map.”

The three heroes turned with a start to see a winged figure descend from the sky. “Ah, I see you’ve met my guard,” said the angelic stranger. “My apologies, he can be rather single-minded. I hope he wasn’t too much trouble for you.”

The stranger looked around. “I am Atlaga. I am here to assist you, but I was told there were four of you”.

“Never fear, my comrades!” The group turned to see Erevan dripping wet, sloshing up the hill. “The water broke my fall.”

Atlaga gives your adventurers the Bolt of the Witherwood, an Ancient Artifact Treasure Glyph. You may give this Glyph to any of your heroes for use in their next adventure.

Read aloud if Player 2 wins: Darrak and Erevan hurried toward the ruins which obscured the dark jagged crack in the cliff face known as the Blackscar.

“He’s too strong - we must go now to the entrance!” Ana pleaded to Tandros.

“Agreed!” yelled Tandros. “You go, I’ll create a diversion.”

Jotun swore as he watched the small folk run toward the Blackscar. He swung his massive sword one last time hoping to catch at least one of the heroes before they made it to safety, but he was too slow. The small folk disappeared into the crack.

Jotun woke with a start, cheek hurting where he had used a fallen tree as a pillow. “What’s that smell?” he thought. Small folks were approaching, and with them the telltale stench of magic. “Guard the Scar me orders are,” muttered the sleepy giant, and grabbing his sword he headed to work.

“If I’m not mistaken, and I never am, the entrance to the Underdark known as Blackscar should be just past this bend in the road,” said Erevan.

Ana stepped up on tip-toes, one small hand on Tandros’ burly shoulder. “Is that a Giant up ahead?” she asked, brushing back the tendril of her copper hair the gentle breeze had blown into her view.

Darrak Ambershard shoved his way to the front of the party, and hopped a few times to catch a view of the yawning giant that slowly lumbered toward them. Casting an angry glare at the Eladrin Pyromancer, he grumbled through clenched teeth. “Ancient lore he says! Follow me he says! What did your ancient lore say about giants?”

Darrak was cut short by Tandros’ calloused hand on his back. “Perhaps he’s friendly,” Tandros said smiling as he strode confidently toward the creature…

Created by Hasbro on 2010-01

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