River of Blood Room 2

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark

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The River of Blood rushes back towards the stair with a torrent of speed. Mired in shadow, the Hydra’s lair sits atop a perch of rock that tell all who enter who controls this area.

Created by Hasbro on 2010-08

River of Blood Room 2: The Hydra’s Lair


Master Game for 2 Players

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark, Champions of Forgotten Realms

Goal: Destroy all of your opponent’s figures.

Setup: Randomly select 2 non-Brandar’s Chest Treasure Glyph and place them symbol side up as shown.

Player 1 drafts or brings a pre-made 500 point Army of figures from the 5 allied generals (Jandar, Ullar, Einar, Vydar, and Aquilla). Player 2 drafts or brings a 300 point Army that must include only one Fen Hydra.

Player 1 starts in the olive starting zone. Player 2 starts in the purple starting zone. Player 2’s Fen Hydra starts on the space marked “Hydra”

Campaign Setup: If you just played River of Blood Room 1: The Descending Stair and you are continuing the campaign, place only Player 1's figures that suvived room 1. Figures that used Second Wind (see the campaign Master Rules) might start with wound markers already on their Army Cards.

Special Rules:

River of Blood: Any figure that ends its turn on a water space must roll a 20-sided die. For Squad figures, only figures that were activated on that turn are affected. If you roll a 1-4, that figure receives 1 wound from the traces of acid in the water. Note: The River of Blood takes effect after all end of turn powers have resolved.

Stalactites: If a figure uses the Flying special power to move, place 1 wound marker on that figure as it starts its move. Figures with Stealth Flying are not affected by Stalactites.

Rapid River: At the end of each round, each Treasure Glyph that is on a water space moves 1 water space closer to Player 1's starting zone, if possible. A Glyph can move off, or onto a space a figure occupies, but it does not move if the next water space is currently a non-water space (for example, an ice space created by a Greater Ice Elemental). If a Glyph is on the last water space in Room 2 when it would be moved by the Rapid River, it is removed from the battlefield.

Treasure Glyph Trap: Roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 1-5, do not reveal the Treasure Glyph. Instead, the Hero is sucked underwater and pulled with the current (see “Water Current ”below). If you roll a 6 or higher, turn the Treasure Glyph power-side up and place it on that Hero’s Army Card.

Water Current: Whenever a Hero is sucked underwater by the Treasure Glyph trap, immediately move that Hero along the water spaces towards Player 1’s starting zone until one of the following conditions is met:
* The Hero moves onto a non-water space (for example, an ice space created by a Greater Ice Elemental).
* The Hero would move onto a space occupied by another figure.
* The Hero reaches the last water space in Room 2.
The moved Hero does not take any leaving engagement attacks while moving along the River of Blood, nor does it stop or trigger any powers based on movement until it meets one of the above conditions.

Victory: Be the last player with at least one figure on the battlefield to win. If neither player has won by the end of Round 10, the player with the most points on the battlefield wins (see Scoring in the Master Game Guide). Player 1 must defeat all of Player 2’s figures to continue onto the next room.

Campaign Continues: If at least one of Player 1’s figures survives the battle, and all of Player 2’s figures have been destroyed, you may continue the campaign by playing River of Blood Room 3: The Torture Chamber.

Your enemies lie at your feet. One badly injured drow still draws breath. He uses that breath to curse you in his native tongue. You press him for information about the bodies floating out into the lake, but he expires with a final hiss. At least, you thought the hissing came from him-but there it is again.

You stand and follow the river as it curves sharply to the left. As you move ahead, the hissing becomes louder. Just beyond an outcropping of rock you catch a glimpse of writhing snake like necks and heads. It is a hydra! And you have crossed into its lair.

The river gurgles to your left; it is moving faster here. A scream bursts forth from the hydra’s many throats, drowning out the sound of the rushing river. The monster has spotted you, and its screams have summoned its minions.

Created by Hasbro on 2010-08

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