River of Blood Room 3

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark

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The River of Blood's rapid flow begins here, where the river is choked between rocks stained in blood. to the west a leveled off area looms where those controlling the chamber can look down upon those they control.

Created by Hasbro on 2010-08

River of Blood Room 3: The Torture Chamber

Master Game for 2 Players

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark, Champions of Forgotten Realms

Goal: Destroy all of your opponent’s figures.

Setup: Randomly select 2 non-Brandar’s Chest Treasure Glyph and place them symbol side up as shown.

Player 1 drafts or brings a pre-made 500 point Army of figures from the 5 allied generals (Jandar, Ullar, Einar, Vydar, and Aquilla). Player 2 drafts or brings a 350 point Army that must include Othkurik and at least 1 squad of Greenscale Warriors. Besides any Greenscale Warriors, Player 2’s Army can only include Utgar figures.

Player 1 starts in the olive starting zone. Player 2 starts in the purple starting zone.

Campaign Setup: If you just played River of Blood Room 2: The Hydra’s Lair and you are continuing the campaign, place only Player 1's figures that suvived room 2. Figures that used Second Wind (see the campaign Master Rules) might start with wound markers already on their Army Cards.

Special Rules:

River of Blood: Any figure that ends its turn on a water space must roll a 20-sided die. For Squad figures, only figures that were activated on that turn are affected. If you roll a 1-4, that figure receives 1 wound from the traces of acid in the water. Note: The River of Blood takes effect after all end of turn powers have resolved.

Stalactites: If a figure uses the Flying special power to move, place 1 wound marker on that figure as it starts its move. Figures with Stealth Flying are not affected by Stalactites.

Rapid River: At the end of each round, each Treasure Glyph that is on a water space moves 1 water space closer to Player 1's starting zone, if possible. A Glyph can move off, or onto a space a figure occupies, but it does not move if the next water space is currently a non-water space (for example, an ice space created by a Greater Ice Elemental). If a Glyph is on the last water space in Room 3 when it would be moved by the Rapid River, it is removed from the battlefield.

Tortured into Submission: At the start of the game, Player 2 controls at least 1 squad of Greenscale Warriors who must select either Othkurik or another eligible figure in Player 2’s Army as their Lizard King. As soon as Player 1 destroys that Lizard King, Player 1 gains control of all remaining Greenscale Warriors for the rest of the campaign. Player 2 removes all unrevealed order markers on the Greenscale Warriors’ Army Card(s) and passes them over to Player 1. Note: Player 1 cannot name a new Lizard King for the Greenscale Warriors (if possible) until the beginning of Room 4.

Treasure Glyph Trap: Roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a roll of 1-5, do not reveal the Treasure Glyph. Instead, roll 2 attack dice. That Hero immediately receives one wound and removes one random unrevealed order marker from its Army Card for each skull rolled. If you roll a 6 or higher, turn the Treasure Glyph power-side up and place it on that Hero’s Army Card.

Victory: Be the last player with at least one figure on the battlefield to win. If neither player has won by the end of Round 10, the player with the most points on the battlefield wins (see Scoring in the Master Game Guide). Player 1 must defeat all of Player 2’s figures to continue onto the next room.

Campaign Continues: If at least one of Player 1’s figures survives the battle, and all of Player 2’s figures have been destroyed, you may continue the campaign by playing River of Blood Room 4: The Transformation Circle.

Your chest heaves as you pull air into your burning lungs. The battle was hard won and your body cries out for rest, but the fresh streaks of crimson flowing down the river tell you that your job is not yet done.

Your party continues its trek upstream. After a short distance you enter into an area where giant stalactites loom overhead. Rocks jut up on both sides of the river, stained red with layers of drying blood. In the shadows beyond the rocks you see a pair of glowing yellow eyes. The eyes move forward into the light, revealing the face behind them. You immediately recognize the creature from the growing number of tales told about it: This is the black dragon Othkurik, Utgar’s champion of the Underdark. With the dragon is a band of Greenscale Warriors. Knowing that the lizardfolk were summoned by the Valkyrie Ullar, you call to them but their blank expression tells you that they are no longer allies.

Created by Hasbro on 2010-08

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