River of Blood Room 4

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark

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The rocks in this room form a circle surrounding the area where the River of Blood begins. Fed from underground streams, it bubbles up around the rock outcrops and flows gently to the south.

Created by Hasbro on 2010-08

River of Blood Room 4: The Transformation Circle

Torin E

Master Game for 2 Players

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark, Champions of Forgotten Realms

Player 1’s Goal: Destroy Estivara by the end of Round 6.

Player 2’s Goal: Destroy all of Player 1’s figures, or keep Estivara alive untill the end of Round 6.

Setup: Randomly select 2 non-Brandar’s Chest Treasure Glyph and place them symbol side up as shown.

Player 1 drafts or brings a pre-made 500 point Army of figures from the 5 allied generals (Jandar, Ullar, Einar, Vydar, and Aquilla). Player 2 drafts or brings a 500 point Army that must include Estivara and Torin.

Player 1 starts in the olive starting zone. Player 2 starts in the purple starting zone. Estivara starts on the spot marked “E” and Torin start on the spot marked “Torin”.

Campaign Setup: If you just played River of Blood Room 3: The Torture Chamber and you are continuing the campaign, place only Player 1's figures that suvived room 3. Figures that used Second Wind (see the campaign Master Rules) might start with wound markers already on their Army Cards.

Special Rules:

Casting the Ritual: Estivara is standing atop a pedestal in the middle of the ritual circle. She cannot move from that space while she performs the ritual, but she can take turns to attack and use other powers while casting. Estivara cannot be moved from the pedestal by any special power on any Army Card or Glyph.

Stalactites: If a figure uses the Flying special power to move, place 1 wound marker on that figure as it starts its move. Figures with Stealth Flying are not affected by Stalactites.

Treasure Glyph Trap: Roll a 20-sided die. If you roll of 1-5, do not reveal the Treasure Glyph. Instead, that Hero is immediately attacked by the Venom Trap (see Venom Trap below).If you roll a 6 or higher, turn the Treasure Glyph power-side up and place it on that Hero’s Army Card.

Venom Trap: Roll 3 attack dice. The Hero affected by the Venom Trap rolls defense normally. If the Venom Trap inflicts at least 1 wound, roll the 20-sided die for Venom Damage. If you roll a 1-9, the Hero receives no additional wounds for Venom Damage. If you roll a 10-20 add 1 additional wound marker to the defending Hero’s Army Card, and roll again for Venom Damage.

Victory: Player 1 wins by destroying Estivara before the end of Round 6, endint the ritual. Player 2 wins when all of Player 1’s figures have been destroyed, or if Estivara is still on the battlefield at the end of Round 6.

Read aloud if Player 1 wins: Estivara screams as rays of brilliant light shine out from her eyes and mouth. She falls to the ground, and the room goes dark except for the light of your torch. Your remaining enemies stumble around in a dazed stupor. Having lost the will to fight they flee into the dark tunnels leading away from the area. The smiling Kyrie lying at the center of the symbols rolls over and bounds to his feet. His smile is gone. He cries out in a wordless scream of anger and disgust, then he too vanishes down a darkened corridor. You lack the energy to chase him, but you are satisfied, knowing that what must have been a great evil was stopped here today.

Read aloud if Player 2 wins: The last words of Estivara’s long chant echo off the cavern walls. Silence lingers for a moment, and then the room begins to quake. Estivara steps out of the ring of symbols, and the Kyrie lying there gets to his feet. He drinks a goblet of sparkling water and, as he does, his body begins to shift. He grows, his bones crack, his face distorts, his features grow hideously large, and his wings become leathery. Standing in the symbols is a new monstrosity – an evil new Archkyrie is born!

Othkurik is slain. You fall to your knees in relief. This has been the hardest challenge of your life, but you have overcome it. You have not failed the Valkyrie.

You get wearily to your feet and start back toward the lake. Suddenly, you hear a deep thud. You feel a prickle run up your back. Another thud sounds out, and with it a flash of bright blue-white light. You hear the distant sound of a female voice chanting rhythmically.

Your heart sinks. You turn and move towards the chanting. Your legs feel more weighted with every step.

The chanting becomes louder and louder until you spot its source. A female drow stands in ceremonial-looking garb, she is surrounded by a circle of glowing symbols. Her long white hair and robes twist and fly in all directions, as if she is standing in the midst of a tempest. Her chanting swells to a new fervor. At her feet lies a Kyrie. At first you think he is injured, but as you study him, you see he is smiling.

A tall brute of a cyclops stands nearby the drow. His single large eye is fixed on you. He growls out, “Stop them. Estivara’s ritual must not be interrupted.”

Created by Hasbro on 2010-08

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