River of Blood

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark (4)

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Created by Hasbro on 2010-08

River of Blood (Dungeon Adventure 2)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Shared tiles between rooms 1 and 2 Shared tiles between rooms 2 and 3 Shared tiles between rooms 3 and 4

Master Game for 2 Players

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark (4) , Champions of Forgotten Realms

Special Campaign Rules: If you are playing each battle in this Dungeon Adventure as a campaign, the following rules apply:

Player 1’s Adventuring Party: Player 1 drafts or brings a pre-made Army (the adventuring party) to use throughout the campaign. Before starting play, Player 1 chooses a 500-point Army that can contain only figures who follow the 5 allied generals (Jandar, Ullar, Vydar, Einar, and Aquilla). Note: Player 1 cannot select the Greenscale Warriors.

Player 2’s Armies: Player 2 has a wide choice of figures for use in each room of the Dungeon Adventure including figures who follow the allied generals. (Although they were initially allies of the adventurers, those figures have become slaves to the River of Blood and its master.) However, two drafting rules apply to Player 2’s Armies for this campaign.

1: Player 2 cannot select a duplicate of any Unique figure that was in Player 1’s adventuring party at any point in the campaign.

2: Whenever Player 2 uses a Unique figure in a room, he or she forfeits the use of that figure in a future room. (This rule does not affect Uncommon figures).

For example, Player 2 selects Pelloth, and 2 Deepwyrm Drow squads for Room 1. If Player 1 defeats that Army and advances to the next room, Player 2 would be able to select the Deepwyrm Drow for future rooms, but not Pelloth, because he is Unique and has been destroyed. Note: Because of this rule, Othkurik, Estivara, and Torin cannot be used until rooms 3 and 4. Please read through each room’s scenarios before deciding which Unique figures to use in each room.

Wounds: When Player 1 continues on to a new room in the dungeon, all wound markers on figures that were not destroyed in the previous room are removed from each of those figures’ Army Cards. The figures start the next room at full health.

Death: If a figure in Player 1’s Army is destroyed in any of the dungeon rooms, that figure's fate is not yet decided. See “Second Wind” below.

Second Wind: When setting up figures in a new room, set aside any figure that was destroyed in the previous room. Roll a number of attack dice equal to the destroyed figure's Life. That figure starts the next room with 1 wound for every skull rolled. If you roll a skull on every die for that figure, it is removed from the campaign and cannot roll for Second Wind in the following rooms if Player 1 continues to advance. If all of Player 1's units are destroyed in a room, Player 1 cannot continue to the next room using Second Wind. Player 2 wins the campaign.

Equipment (Treasure Glyphs): When Player 1 continues onto a new room in the dungeon, the Unique Heroes in Player 1’s Army retain control of any Treasure Glyphs they carry, and gain control of any that were power-side up on the previous battlefield. Player 1 may redistribute the Treasure Glyphs only when placing figures onto starting zone spaces for a new room.

Random Treasure Glyphs: This Dungeon Adventure can possibly use all 7 non-Brandar’s Chest Treasure Glyphs included in the required sets (see above). However, if you have additional Treasure Glyphs and want to add them to the pool, feel free! Take at least 7 non-Brandar’s Chest Treasure Glyphs and put them in a symbol-side up pile to the side of the battlefield. Each time a random Treasure Glyph is required for a room, use the top Treasure Glyph from the symbol-side up pile.

Deep in the Depths: Figures with The Drop special power cannot use that power, and always start each room in their player’s starting zone.

Connected Rooms: You will see that the end of each room in the River of Blood is the beginning of the next. If you own multiple sets of this Master Set, you can create all four connected rooms at once. However, when playing the campaign, you cannot skip ahead. Player 1 must accomplish the victory conditions of each room before venturing into the next room.

The Underdark. None in Valhalla knew that such an expansive world lay just below the surface of their own. Somewhere in that twisting underground maze might lay the secrets of the lost civilization that built the wellsprings.

You are the leader of an adventuring party, sent into the Underdark to unravel its most recent mystery. Along one of the well-scouted passages, lies an underground lake. Recently a horrific number of mutilated corpses have been discovered floating in its waters, apparently carried there by a river that feeds into the lake. Now christened the River of Blood, it stretches back into an unexplored region of the Underdark. You have been tasked with following that river and discovering the source of the bodies that float down its current.

Created by Hasbro on 2010-08

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