Feldspar Pass

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie, Swarm of the Marro, Ticalla Jungle

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An ancient passageway into the Ticalla Jungle. The civilization that built this pass has long been lost to the relentless passing of time. What was once a glorious testament to an elder race and the entryway into their realm, is now a broken overgrown ruin, a shadow of what once was.

Created by Hasbro on 2011-03

Utgar’s Invasion at Feldspar Pass

Master Game for 2 Players

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie, Swarm of the Marro, Ticalla Jungle, Valkrill's Gambit

Goal: Destroy all your opponents’ figures.

Setup: Place the Glyph of Wannok, Glyph of Mitonsoul, and the Glyph of Erland randomly symbol-side up as shown above.

Each player drafts or brings a 500-point Army (see below). Player 1 starts in the olive starting zone, Player 2 starts in the purple starting zone.

Player 1 (Allied General‘s Forces): Player 1’s 500-point Army must include at least 1 squad of Quasatch Hunters. Player 1’s Army must also include only figures from the Allied Valkyrie Generals (Jandar, Ullar, Vydar, Einar, and Aquilla).

Player 2 (Utgar’s Forces): Player 2’s 500-point army must include only Utgar and Valkrill figures.

Special Rules: None.

Victory: You win immediately if all of your opponent’s figures are destroyed before the end of Round 10. If the battle reaches the end of Round 10, the player with the most points on the battlefield wins (see Scoring in the Master Game Guide).

Read aloud if Player 1 wins: Utgar’s forces have been pushed back to their black fortress at the edge of the Volcanic Wastelands. The Allied Generals have won the day and forged an unspoken alliance with the Quasatch.

Read aloud if Player 2 wins: The forces of the allied generals break against the unstoppable tide of Utgar’s hordes. The Quasatch are left to fight a losing battle as their land and lives are stolen from them. The remaining Quasatch are forced to flee from the only place they’ve ever called home.

Utgar’s hordes seek to gain a foothold in a vital area of the Ticalla Jungle. If Utgar is allowed to set up a stronghold in this part of the Jungle, he would be able to block the passage of aid from the allied generals in the north to the armies of Aquilla in the south. This area is also the only known home of the Quasatch, an ancient race that would surely be overwhelmed and eradicated as collateral damage in the fulfillment of Utgar’s purposes.

The jungle is a cacophony of sounds – a shrill mating call, a territorial howl, the sound of a billion insects constantly buzzing in the background. But today, an alien sound echoes through the northern reaches of the Ticalla Jungle.

The Quasatch are a primitive race of hunters that fear and resent change. A band of Quasatch Hunters track through the jungle, led by the sound and scent that invades their domain. As the Quasatch approach the northern edge of the jungle, the trees thin and the hunters come upon the narrow gap known as the Feldspar Pass.

Two armies have converged at the pass and a sixth sense, hidden at the core of the Quasatch’s nature, tells them beyond doubt which of the armies intends to invade and destroy, and which would seek to protect the land from these destroyers.

Created by Hasbro on 2011-03

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