The Catacombs

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark (2)

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This web of shadowy tunnels was once a beautiful and ancient hall dedicated to honoring fallen heroes with lavish gifts. But what does a long-dead hero need with a +1 Attack? It might as well be yours for the taking!

Created by Hasbro on 2011-03

Chaos in the Catacombs

Master Game for 3 to 4 Players

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark (2) , Champions of Forgotten Realms

Goal: Exit the Catacombs with more treasure than your opponents.

Setup: Collect all available Treasure Glyphs and place them in a symbol up pile. Randomly select 8 of those Treasure Glyphs and place them symbol-side up where shown. Note: Brandar’s Chest will only count towards victory conditions.

Each player drafts a 350 point army to act as his adventuring party. Each player also drafts an additional 150 points to act as wandering monsters and places those monster cards and figures off to the side. This will be considered the Wandering Monster Pool. Before proceeding, check to make sure there are no duplicate Unique figures in the Monster Pool and make sure that the Monster Pool does not have the same Unique figure as any Player’s Army.

Player 1 starts in the Olive starting zone. Player 2 starts in the Purple starting zone. Player 3 starts in the Teal starting zone. Player 4 starts in the Navy starting zone.

Note: Wandering Monsters do not start the game on the board. Place the figures next to their army cards off to the side into the Wandering Monster Pool.

Special Rules:

Cavern Walls: When playing on maps such as the Catacombs, that depict underground tunnels and labyrinths, there are areas of the map that do not contain any hex spaces. These “void spaces” are considered dense, rocky, solid cavern walls that completely block movement and line of sight.

Cavern Wall Line of Sight: When determining whether a figure can see another figure, if there are void spaces between, count the shortest possible route to the target figure. If in order to count the shortest route, you are forced to count one or more void spaces, then the attacking figure does not have line of sight. The target is obscured by an intervening cavern wall.

Cavern Wall Movement: Some powers will not work across cavern walls. All “Lob” powers are not possible across cavern walls. Fireline will not work across a cavern wall. Figures cannot move through, or leap or fly over cavern walls. However, Underground Movement and teleportation powers will work across the cavern wall void spaces.

Wandering Monster Pool: Each player drafted up to 150 points of figures to act as wandering monsters at the start of the game. These figures do not start the game on the board. During the game, whenever a player reveals a Treasure Glyph, the player to the left of that player immediately places the figure(s) from one of the Wandering Monster Army Cards in the Pool onto any shadow spaces on the battlefield. Double Space figures must be placed so that their entire base is on shadow spaces. If a player cannot place all figures on the entire Army Card for whatever reason, or there are no more Army Cards in the pool, then no figure is placed. Once placed on the board, the wandering monsters follow all the rules for Neutral Figures see below.

Horde of Monsters: Because of the Wandering Monster Pool. If a players entire army is destroyed, he is not out of the game. He may continue taking turns with Wandering Monsters.

Neutral Figure: All players may place order markers on a Neutral figure’s Army Card. Order Markers should be placed face down with the top of the Order Marker facing the player who placed it on the neutral figure. When taking a turn with a Neutral figure, be careful not to accidentally reveal the Order Markers on the card. If you have different colored Order Markers, or if you mark your Order Markers with a coin underneath them, it will make it easier to track which ones each player used.

When an Order Marker is revealed for a Neutral figure, that player controls that figure for the duration of its turn. After that turn, the figure becomes Neutral and is not controlled by either player. While the figure is Neutral, all players treat it as an opponent’s figure. The player making rolling the dice for a Neutral figure is always the player to the left of the current player. A neutral figure cannot attempt to pick up or activate any Treasure Glyphs, but like all figures, it can stand on a Treasure Glyph.

Exiting the Catacomb: A figure that carries a Treasure Glyph can exit the cave by ending its turn on a starting zone space for an opposing player (that includes the 4th players starting zone space even in a 3 player game). When a figure exits, place the figure onto its Army Card and place it to the side to determine Victory Conditions. All markers and Treasure Glyphs remain on the figure’s Army Card.

Treasure Glyph Trap: On a roll of 1-5, do not reveal the Treasure Glyph. Instead, roll 3 attack dice. That Hero immediately receives one wound for each skull rolled. On a roll of 6 or higher, reveal the Treasure Glyph and place it on that Hero’s Army Card.

Victory: Once all the Treasure Glyphs have been removed from the Catacombs, or all player figures have been removed from the board, the game ends. Count up all the Treasure Glyphs obtained by your adventure party. The player with the most Treasure Glyphs wins. If this condition is not met by the end of Round 10, the player with the most Treasure Glyphs in his army (including those still on the battlefield) wins. Temporary Treasure Glyphs that were used during the game do not count towards victory conditions.

Deep in the heart of the Underdark lies a network of tunnels known as the Catacombs. None would venture into these murky, monster-laden depths if it weren’t for the tales of immense treasure and fortune.

Gather your adventuring party and snag as much treasure as you can find, but beware of the monsters that lurk in the shadows, and ancient booby traps set to trigger when a treasure is removed from its resting place.

Created by Hasbro on 2011-03

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