Avalon Tower

Required Sets: Fortress of the Archkyrie, Malliddon's Prophecy (1.75) , Utgar's Rage, Jandar's Oath, Zanafor's Discovery (1.5)

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Avalon Tower is a key strategic outpost that sits on the tallest hill overlooking the southern edge of Jandar's kingdom. Its primary function is to guard the winding road that leads from Jandar's kingdom to Muspellgata (which has been confirmed to be Utgar's latest hiding place). When first constructed, anyone standing at its highest point could see for several miles in any direction, on a clear day. Damaged by a recent earthquake, believed to have been caused by Utgar somehow, Avalon Tower is slightly more than half its original height and still under extensive reconstruction. As a result, there is little time to react to anything that might come through the rolling hills from Muspellgata, on the way to Jandar's capital city.

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Hesitation Chills

6 4 6 6 4 4 4 4 2 4 5 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 2 4 4 1 3 4 6 6 6 6 6 6 3 Place 4 on Door Space #2

Master Game for 2 Players

Required Sets: Fortress of the Archkyrie, Malliddon's Prophecy (1.75) , Utgar's Rage, Jandar's Oath, Zanafor's Discovery (1.5) , Rise of the Valkyrie, Fields of Valor, Dawn of Darkness (1.25)

Goal: Destroy all of the opposing player's figures.

Setup: Start the game with the Fortress Door in the open position and in control of Player 1 (white). Place the glyph of Dagmar power-side up where shown. Place figures where shown by the following numbers:

Player 1: White
1: Raelin from "Rise of the Valkyrie"
2: Sgt. Drake Alexander from "Rise of the Valkyrie" on Door Space #4
3: Kelda
4: Omnicron Snipers

Player 2: Black
1: Cyprien Esenwein
2: Sonya Esenwein
3: Marcu Esenwein
4: Zombies of Morindan. Place one of the Zombies on Door Space #2 under the wall-walk overhang.
5: 3 more Zombies of Morindan. 1 on the ladder's landing space. 1 on the 3rd ladder rung. 1 on the 6th ladder rung (top rung).
6: Wound Markers or even more Zombies!

Temporary Zombie Spawn Spaces: This scenario uses 6 squads of Zombies; however, it can also be played with 4 or 5 squads. Place a wound marker on each space marked with a "6" that did not recieve a Zombie during setup. After revealing an order marker on the Zombies' army card, player 2 may replace any of these wound markers with previously destroyed Zombies. Figures are not allowed to stop movement on an unused Spawn space.

Special Rules: If the X order marker is on Kelda's army card, player 1 may take a 4th turn only if Kelda uses her Healing Touch on a wounded figure. If the X order marker is on the Zombies' army card, player 2 may take a 4th turn only if the Zombies attack the Fortress Door with their Zombie Onslaught Special Attack.

Victory: When the other player has no figures left on the battlefield, you win.

In the dead of night, Jandar's southern border is vulnerable to Utgar's newly summoned Undead army. Tonight is a cold and foggy night. Avalon Tower rises above the fog, but the fog obscures what might come up the road from Muspellgata. Due to the ongoing post-earthquake reconstrution, Avalon Tower and surrounding area is dimly and unevenly lit.

Because of their night vision and deadly precise shooting ability, Jandar has installed three squads of Omnicron Snipers along with two of his finest warriors, Sgt. Drake Alexander and Raelin, to protect the tower. To aid Drake and Raelin, he has assigned Kelda for her healing powers and her learned ability to communitcate with the Omnicrons.

Kelda, with a yawn: "So, who left the front door open? I thought Soulborgs were incapable of falling asleep while on duty."

Raelin peers into the shadows below and notices Drake quickly and quietly sprint, using his Thorian Speed, to the unmanned Fortress Door. "I just saw Drake head for the door. See if you can signal the Omnicron way up there to clear out the doorway so Drake can get it closed again."

Kelda: "Will do. At least we're just dealing with a bunch of slow moving Zombies. These Snipers should be able to handle this one on their own. It could be worse."

Raelin looks up higher, above the Omnicron, to the top level of the tower. Instead of another Omnicron, she sees a dark figure standing near the torch that illumnates the tower's Flag of Jandar. The figure unfurls its black cape, revealing a bright, blood-red inner lining with matching armor. "It just got worse. Look, up there, next to the flag."

Kelda, while signaling the Omnicron: "Who's that?" ... Raelin: "That, is Sonya, another one of Utgar's undead from Feylund; except she, unlike the Zombies, can fly. If she's here, then Cyprien must be lurking somewhere close."

Kelda: "Cyprien? Another undead like Sonya?" ... Raelin: "Yes, and he's a real cold-blooded killer. Together, they are Lord and Lady. Watch your back. He's extremely fast, faster than Drake, and stealthy. His victims rarely know what hits them before it's too late."

Kelda: "Aha! So now we know who must have opened the door. So what's our first move?" ... Raelin: "Wish I could alert Drake without drawing attention to him. Looks like the Zombies that have made it past the door seem preoccupied with climbing the ladders."

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