Shadow Cavern

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark (8) , Warriors of Eberron

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Created by Hasbro on 2012-07

Shadow Cavern (Dungeon Adventure 3)

Shared tiles between rooms Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4

Master Game for 2 to 4 Players

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdark (8) , Warriors of Eberron

Playing the Shadow Cavern: Start with the Forked Path Entrance scenario. From there, you can branch into rooms 2, 3, and 4 in the order the scenario dictates. Finally, you will finish the adventure with the Forked Path Exit scenario. Note that the entrance and exit scenario use the same battlefield (the Forked Path).

Special Campaign Rules: If you are playing each battle in Dungeon Adventure 3 in order as a campaign, the following rules apply.

This campaign can be played with 2-4 players. Player 1 will be in control of the Evil dungeon inhabitants. Player(s) 2-4 will be in control of the Adventuring Team (and teamed together in a 3-4 player game).

Army Selection for Room 1:

Player 1 drafts or chooses a pre-made Army for room 1 first. Player 1 selects a 400 point army that can contain only figures from Utgar, Valkrill, or Vydar. After Player 1 has decided which figures will be in his Army for Room 1, Player(s) 2-4 can select their Armies for the Dungeon Adventure that can contain only figures from Jandar, Einar, Ullar, Aquilla, and Vydar. The amount of points that each player has available is determined by the number of players:

2 players: Player 2 selects a 600 point Army.

3 players: Players 2 and 3 each select a 300 point Army.

4 players: Players 2, 3, and 4 each select a 200 point Army.

No player can draft a Unique figure that any other player has already drafted (Note that Uncommon figures are not included in this rule and players may draft any number of them). Player 1 will be drafting new Armies for each room of the dungeon, while players 2-4 will continue on with their Adventuring Team as they delve deeper into the dungeon (see wounds, death, and second wind below).

Wounds: When the Adventuring Team (Players 2-4) continues on to a new room in the dungeon, all wound markers on figures that were not destroyed in the previous room are removed from each of those figures’ Army Cards. The figures start the next room at full health.

Death: If a figure in the Adventuring Team (Players 2-4) is destroyed in any of the dungeon rooms, that figure's fate is not yet decided. See Second Wind below.

Second Wind: When setting up figures in a new room, set aside any figure that was destroyed in the previous room. Roll a number of attack dice equal to the destroyed figure's life. That figure starts the next room with 1 wound for every skull rolled. If you roll a skull on every die for that figure, it is removed from the campaign and cannot roll for Second Wind in the following rooms if Adventuring Team (Players 2-4) continues to advance. In a 3-4 player game, if all of a player’s units are destroyed in a room, but one of their teammates was able to complete the room with figures left, the other player(s) can roll for second wind even though all of his or her figures were destroyed in the previous room. If all of the Adventuring Team’s figures are destroyed in a room, Player 1 automatically wins the campaign.

Collecting Treasure: Each battlefield has 3 water spaces near the edge that go through 2 rock outcrops. They are marked with (E) in the scenario guides. If a Treasure Glyph is placed onto any of those spaces (either by dropping them or the controlling figure getting destroyed), that glyph immediately disappears and is placed to the side of the battlefield. When setting up figures for any future rooms, Player 1 retains control of any Treasure Glyphs removed in this way and may give them to any eligible Hero in his Army.

Equipment (Treasure Glyphs): When the Adventuring Team (Players 2-4) continues onto a new room in the dungeon, the Unique Heroes in the Adventuring Team’s Army retain control of any Treasure Glyphs they carry, and gain control of any that are power-side up on the battlefield. The Adventuring Team may redistribute the Treasure Glyphs only when placing figures onto starting zones for a new room, and may pass Treasure Glyphs to friendly figures if agreed upon by both controlling players.

Random Treasure Glyphs: This Dungeon Adventure uses 7 non-Brandar’s Chest Treasure Glyphs. Take at least 7 non-Brandar’s Chest Treasure Glyphs and put them into a symbol-side up pile to the side of the battlefield(s). Each time a random Treasure Glyph is required for a room, use the top Glyph from the symbol-side up pile. If you have additional Treasure Glyphs and want to add them to the pool, feel free!

Deep in the Depths: Figures with the Drop special power cannot use that power, and always start each room in their player’s starting zone.

Cooperative Campaign:

If you are playing Dungeon Adventure 3 with 2 players, order markers are placed normally. However, if you are playing with 3-4 players, players 2-4 are playing cooperatively as teammates. In a cooperative campaign, one player takes on the role of the Dungeon Master and controls the evil monsters inhabiting the Underdark. The other players each play a small part of the Adventuring Team. The players must work together to defeat the Dungeon Master Player.

Order Markers in a Cooperative Campaign: Order markers are used a little differently in a Cooperative Campaign. At the beginning of each round, before rolling initiative, place all 16 available order markers (2 master sets worth) into a bag or box. Each player randomly draws a number of order markers from the bag based upon how many players are playing:

3 players: Each Adventuring player takes 3 Order Markers; the Dungeon Master receives 5 Order Markers.

4 players: Each Adventuring player takes 2 Order Markers; the Dungeon Master receives 5 Order Markers.

Note: There are always going to be order markers left in the bag.

When placing Order Markers, the Adventuring Players may trade Order Markers among themselves, but at the start of the round, they must have the same number of Order Markers that they drew. In a 4 player game, if an Adventuring player no longer has any figures in play, the remaining Adventuring Players draw 3 order markers each round. When only one Adventuring player has any units left in play, the game reverts to standard play just like a regular 2 player game for the duration of the room’s adventure. If the remaining Adventuring Player is able to defeat the Dungeon Master Player, the other Adventuring Players will be able to rejoin the campaign in the next room (see second wind above)

Revealing Order Markers: Players reveal Order Markers in clockwise order starting with the player who rolls highest for initiative A player may have 2 or more of the same numbered Order Marker. When revealing Order Markers, if a player has more than one of that number, the player may choose which one to reveal. After all the players have had a chance to reveal that number in initiative order, the players may then reveal another Order Marker of that same number again going in initiative order. After all players have taken their third turns for the round, in initiative order any player that has 2 unrevealed ‘X’ order markers on an Army Card can reveal them (in initiative order) to take an additional turn with that figure.

Order Marker Limitations: No player can ever have more than 2 copies of the same numbered Order Marker on any Army Card (or cards if you have more than one common card for that unit).

Connected Rooms: You will see that the end of each room in the Shadow Cavern is connected in a circle. If you own more than 2 sets of the Battle for the Underdark Master set, you can create more than one connected room at once. However, when playing the campaign, you cannot skip ahead. Players 2-4 must accomplish the victory conditions of each room before venturing into the next room.

Down beyond the blighted forests of Bleakwoode, in the province of Braunglayde, lies an entrance into the Underdark. A new Valkyrie has recently been born by means of a dark ritual and stirrings in this area suggest that the new Valkyrie may have taken up residence here, seeking to establish a seat of power for himself.

You are to lead a party of adventurers on a scouting mission. Discover what you can about what lies below the surface of Braunglayde and escape with your lives to report your findings.

Created by Hasbro on 2012-07

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