Compiled Basic Game Guide

These rules are a modified version of the official rules and are not the official rules of Heroscape. However, they do not attempt to add or subtract any rules from the official rulebooks.

This Guide separates and compiles any Basic Game instructions from the rulebooks that come with the Master Sets and Terrain Sets. It has been slightly edited mainly to blend in (sometimes reworded and elaborated) text from the latest FAQ that contains errata and important rule clarifications.

Object: Create a battlefield, choose your Army, then wage war against your opponent. To win, be first to achieve your objective.

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  1. Moving
  2. Attacking
  3. Road to the Forgotten Forest
  4. Volcarren Wasteland
  5. Thaelenk Tundra
  6. Fortress of the Archkyrie
  7. The Conflict Begins
  8. Swarm of the Marro
  9. Ticalla Jungle
  10. Battle for the Underdark
Get Ready to Play

After you’ve chosen a Basic Game Scenario and built the battlefield, choose an Army (Player 1 is the Good Army, Player 2 is the Evil Army). Place your Army Cards in front of you, and then place your figures on the battlefield.

About Your Army Cards
In this game, you’ll use the Basic Game side of the Army Cards. The other side is used in the Master Game. There are two types of Army Cards: Hero Cards, which show one (usually very powerful) warrior; and Squad Cards, which show two or more (usually less powerful) warriors.

Let’s say you built The Forsaken Waters battlefield, and chose the Dive the Dark Lakes Game Scenario. Example 1 shows which Army Cards you chose; Example 2 explains the boxed numbers on them.

examples/hs_your_army_cards_bg.pngEXAMPLE 1: Your Army Cards
You’ve chosen an Evil Army with one Hero (Mimring) and two Squads (four Marro Warriors and two Zettian Guards). You’ve taken your three Army Cards and placed them in front of you, and you’ve placed your Army (all seven figures) on their starting positions on the battlefield.

examples/hs_army_card_numbers_bg.pngEXAMPLE 2: Army Card Numbers

MOVE 4 - Heavy armor makes the Zettian Guards slower than many other figures. You can move each one up to 4 spaces.

RANGE 7 - Laser-powered weaponry gives the Zettian Guards a fairly long range; each one can attack from up to 7 spaces away.

ATTACK 2 - Lack of agility can affect the Zettian Guards’ aim. For each attacking Zettian Guard, you roll 2 attack dice.

DEFENSE 7 - The Zettian Guards are well protected by their armor. Each time one is attacked, you get to roll 7 defense dice.

Place the combat dice near the battlefield and within reach of both players. The combat dice are used as attack dice (rolling for skulls) and also as defense dice (rolling for shields).

Unless otherwise directed by your chosen Game Scenario, you don’t need any other game parts for the Basic Game. Just place them aside, out of play.

The Battle Begins!

Each player rolls 6 combat dice. The player who rolls the most skulls takes the first turn. (Re-roll if there’s a tie.) Players then alternate turns until the game is over.

Usually, you’ll do three actions on your turn, in this order:

Action 1. Choose an Army Card
Action 2. Move Figure(s) on Your Army Card
Action 3. Attack with Figure(s) on Your Army Card

All three of these actions are explained in detail in the following sections.

Action 1. Choose an Army Card
First, choose any one of your Army Cards to use on your turn.

Action 2. Move Figure(s) on Your Army Card
Now you may move any or all figures on your chosen Army Card, if you want to. Follow these rules for moving each figure:

examples/hs_basic_movement_bg.pngEXAMPLE 3: Basic Movement
On this turn, you choose to move each Zettian Guard its full 4 spaces.

examples/hs_moving_up_bg.pngEXAMPLE 4: Moving up
Count 4 spaces for your Zettian Guard to move up onto this ledge.

examples/hs_moving_down_bg.pngEXAMPLE 5: Moving down
To get down from this ledge, your Zettian Guard counts only 1 space on its move.